Digiguide - new licence for Synology NAS

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Digiguide - new licence for Synology NAS

Postby mdscarrott » Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:43 pm

I have been away for a bit but just about to get my system set up again after a house move.
I have decided to now move from a Windows based system to a Synology DS1815+.

Problem is that i can not download Digiguide EPG Loader. I can download the file from my registration page but that is the windows version. I do not mind paying for a new licence fee for this but it seems impossible to do as i am now moving to a NAS platform.

The alternatives are not as good as Digiguide as they do not include Irish channels (I have a Irish and UK Digiguide sub) nor do they include a lot of other channels i plan to include on my system.

It seems that support hasnt been completely dropped as anyone with a sub can download the Digiguide EPG Loader but please can you make it available to people who want to but a new sub.

Many thanks
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