Curious guide/channel DB cache on KODI client behavior

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Curious guide/channel DB cache on KODI client behavior

Postby ultimateinternet » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:00 pm

Lots of w10 pc's as clients using KODI 17/18. The behavior when I load KODI on the clients when the PVR fires off and loads channels/EPG/Recordings, etc is super fast. Instantaneous on a few. Very cool.

So the curious behavior is when I have the KODI client running on the same machine as DVBLINK is installed on. It is very slow and methodical no matter what. What is extra curious is that before I had a phenom 970 AMD on it and thought, "eeh, its because that's a slow proc" -- well now I have a 4790K @ 4.4 on it and it is the exact same speed!

When I talk about this client that shares DVBLINK, when this pvr/recordings/epg load at the beginning of KODI fires off, it is about 45 seconds as compared to the other clients which do it in under 5 seconds.

All the kodi clients share a userdata folder located on a different server so I can guarantee the settings are the same.

The DVBLink PVR is set to "server-tv" which is the name of the dvblink box on all clients.

I've tried changing the hosts. value to server-tv to resolve to the IP on the network instead of without change.

Super curious. Ready to hear some wicked explanations and/or something I can try to change this behavior?

LOVE DVBLINK. LOVE KODI. WHAT A GREAT MARRIAGE. SO long WMC, I don't even remember our long times together.
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