DVBLink + Kodi = pretty expensive?

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DVBLink + Kodi = pretty expensive?

Postby bberger » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:23 pm

As I don't see any information anywhere I feel free to ask here:

Yesterday I spent around 4 or 5 hours re-installing and re-evaluating DVBLink for my home setup for use with Kodi. After I had everything set up I realized that I couldn't access the DVBLink Server from Kodi, getting Error 2000.

Some research leads me to believe that this endeavor will cost me a massive amount of $$$ because I need the DVBLink IPTV Server for businesses (180EUR/yr :shock:) for my private, single seat setup. Last time I evaluated the DVBLink server we were at v5 with another plugin that wasn't brancrupting me (if I recall correctly).

Maybe it was just too late at 2 a.m. to research that topic as I was a bit in rage and shock finding out the probable costs for my setup (wouldn't mind the 100 EUR for the Server, the DVB Source Plugin plus 25EUR/yr the TV Advisor), but 180EUR (per year) for a private household with 1 to 3 seats is a bit steep..

I surely must have overlooked something as the IPTV server is clearly aimed at businesses that need WAY more features and functionality than a private household streaming to a few Kodi instances..? Is there a plugin I'm missing or a license that I didn't see? If so I urge you to come up with some licensing/product model for private end users that just want to finally use a stable DVB backend..
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Re: DVBLink + Kodi = pretty expensive?

Postby Traxx » Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:48 am

You don't need an IPTV server for Kodi...
First, set up the server correctly and test its availability on the network, for ex. with a smartphone and the app or another pc.
For me it solved issues when I set passwords in the server for both config and tv guide.

Then setup the kodi plugin correctly.
Enter the IP (!) of the server. (Yes, the IP, not the hostname... I don't know why, but using the hostname makes it really slow or not working at all...)
Then the port (8100 by default) and your user+password.

I'm running this for while now with two kodi clients and it works like a charm. Only bought the normal license for v6.0+TVAdviser
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Re: DVBLink + Kodi = pretty expensive?

Postby Montoya » Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:11 pm

It was definetly too late to think logically ;)

When you want to use iptv channels you dont need the server package for iptv.
This one will do for iptv:
https://dvblogic.com/en/dvblink/windows ... -for-iptv/
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Re: DVBLink + Kodi = pretty expensive?

Postby bberger » Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:16 pm

Thanks for the Replies.

No interest in IPTV, just DVB-S2.

The support staff helped me out though, got it working. Unfortunately there is a known bug with zombie streams (streams not closing) in Kodi and therefore make all of this unusable for me.

Will be using DVBViewer for now, but may just give DVBLink another shot on my Linux based media server.
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