Slight stutter...partly solved

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Slight stutter...partly solved

Postby Plantje » Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:23 am

On the Kodi forum I posted this issue:
Every now and then Live TV on Kodi starts stuttering on my main machine. If I open Kodi on another machine and tune into the same channel it is flawless. But the tuners are attached to the main machine.
If I open up VLC or Windows Media Player and open the same channel it is flawless as well. If I close Kodi and reopen it I still have the issue. If I restart the machine the issue is fixed.

If this happens the machine is not very busy (CPU and memory are not used a lot)

Any idea?

Yesterday I think I solved the issue, but I still have some questions left.

Found it!

Today I had the stutter again and checked the time shift settings and they were enabled. I disabled that and now everything is fine.

That also clarifies why I don't have it in VLC and other clients. Other clients don't have the timeshift option.

And after enabling timeshift again this morning everything is still fine. Guess my hard drive sometimes has some issues doing the timeshift thing. Where is timeshift data stored? On the C:\ drive? Or on the location where my recordings are stored?

So, the main question is: where is timeshift data stored?
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