Instant recording KODI

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Instant recording KODI

Postby danyd » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:29 pm


I'm a new one in PVR world, I've just purchased a HDHomerun Connect, I had a Synology NAS and an Intel NUC.

I've installed DVBLink (latest version 42xxxx) on my NAS, and KODI 17.1 with DVBLink PVR Addon on my NUC.

The DVBLink server (back-end) was very easy to configure, no problem to scan channels etc.

My issue had appeared when I wanted to record live TV on Kodi, when I press record button, a notification appears (right top corner) and says that scheduled recording starts.
But the record button doesn't turn into red color and nothing appears in recording list. If I go to DVBLink web interface, I see that is currently recording. If I press on record button again, in KODI live TV interface, a new schedule recording on the same channel starts, and record button turns into red.

I've tried on Kodi 16.1, 17.0, and I have the same behavior. I've tried to install DVBLink Server on Windows 10 PC, and the result was the same.

I noticed that if I quit Kodi and re-open it, I find out a normal behavior, recording channel is displayed in channel list (red circle), record button is red on live TV interface and the current recording appears in the recording list.

Did I miss something or this is really buggy?

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