Metadata from recordings (and other stuff)

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Metadata from recordings (and other stuff)

Postby Jaas » Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:05 pm

I have after several years of DVBLink and WMC made ​​the move to DVBLink and XBMC and would say that it was the right choice.
The library function in XBMC is fantastic, especially Movies and TV shows. PVR function works satisfactorily. But, there is always a but! Subtitles and export / integration of metadata does not work particularly well.
European teletext subtitles can we ignore when it seems that there is discussion going on for years and no one has found a (standard) solution. Or maybe someone has a solution?

Subject metadata.
I have made ​​numerous attempts to get metadata from DVBLink recording into XBMC libraries Movies and TV shows and only get half-baked solutions.

Problem 1: Naming conventions for XBMC
DVBLink recorder naming do not match XBMC Naming Conventions
XBMC expects the following (example):
Pulp Fiction (1994) .ts (Movies)
Firefly.s01e02.ts (TV Show)

These are simple conventions with enough information for XBMC to scrape information from tvdb and tmdb for correct metadata. But sometimes I need to (want to) use the information contained in the recording. Eg information about football match between Öster and Ängelholm in Swedish second league will you not find on tvdb :-)

Problem 2: I can not extract metadata from DVBLink recordings in a XBMC friendly XML format (or any format at all).
I have been experimenting with MCE Buddy to extract metadata from your ts files. Have also tried using a perl script but it always fails. My XML files (.nfo) are always empty on metadata. If I instead take recordings from MCE WTV (or other mediafiles containing metadata) so can I extract the information in a friendly format.

Step two, If I will get it to work with MCE Buddy It would be better to get by without it (or other programs) if the functionality was directly in DVBLink PVR addon.

Conclusion: This is not about the functionality of your PVR addon but it´s if solvable what makes XBMC as the contender to Windows Media Center.

Best regards
Jan Aschan
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Re: Metadata from recordings (and other stuff)

Postby Oberon » Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:19 am

The file names of DVBLink recordings are not entirely descriptive and are not meant to be so. Also all national characters are stripped for file system compatibility reasons.
The best way to get metadata about recordings is to use DVBLink Remote API:
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Re: Metadata from recordings (and other stuff)

Postby TeHaX » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:05 pm

Is there a chance to get near the recorded tv ts file a same named nfo file which include all epg enties? Not all recordings which done in kodi will later be moved into a directory where a scraper add all missing metadata. For some reason i only want a tv recording like i had in Windows-media-center with integrated epg data.
Please add this in future kodi api addon releases.
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