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Percdata software

Postby realbigmike » Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:15 am

Oberon I PMed you a few days ago about this but maybe you didnt see it.

When 5.1 came out the early adopters were offered a free epg service as a bonus. I was an early adopter but I didnt get an activation key for Percdata, it didnt matter at the time because MC7 gives the same data for free and doesnt require any extra software.
My EPG isnt working anymore in MC7 and I was getting tired of more and more maintenance, I would like to subscribe to perdata instead of wrestling with MC7 data and epg collector with a second provider. I know that promo is long dead but I would like to request percdata. Sorry I am so cheap :P I am finally ready to pay the $26 at percdata but there is this one more hurdle.
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