XMLTV-Grabber: series marked as movie in EPG

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XMLTV-Grabber: series marked as movie in EPG

Postby MHC2000 » Sun May 31, 2015 8:57 pm


I have a problem with the xmltv grabber.
Several series are marked as movie in the WMC-EPG and so they can't be used to record the single episodes with the series recording function of the WMC.
The XMLTV-Grabber seems to recognize the series as a movie. The single episodes are marked purple (also marked purple in the DVBLink TV-Guide).
There is no movie keyword in the categories present, so it's not really clear why the grabber recognizes the episodes as a movie.

How can I prevent the grabber to accidentally recognize a series as a movie?
The XMLTV-file is generated by an script of mine, which could be easily changed, but I don't know how the mechanism works in DVBLink to recognize movies.

Afterwards an example of a wrong recognized episode of a series.

Code: Select all
  <programme channel="s6412" start="20150604201500 +02:00" stop="20150604210000 +02:00">
    <title lang="de">Wayward Pines</title>
    <sub-title lang="de">Eine außergewöhnliche Stadt [S1/E3]</sub-title>
    <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">0.2.0/1</episode-num>
    <previously-shown start="20150528210000 +02:00"></previously-shown>
    <desc lang="de">Dass sich Kate an Beverlys Abrechnung auf dem Stadtplatz beteiligt, schockiert Ethan zutiefst. Er will Wayward Pines so schnell wie möglich verlassen. Doch dann trifft er auf den Immobilienmakler Peter McCall, der ihm ein neues Haus vermittelt. Derweil sind seine Frau Theresa und sein Sohn Ben auf dem Weg nach Idaho, um ihn ausfindig zu machen. Ethan gerät inzwischen erneut mit Sherif Pope aneinander.

Dies ist die 3. Episode der 1. Staffel.

      <Actor role="Ethan Burke">Matt Dillon</Actor>
      <Actor role="Harold Ballinger">Reed Diamond</Actor>
      <Actor role="Dr. Jenkins">Toby Jones</Actor>
      <Actor role="Kamera">Gregory Middleton</Actor>
      <Actor role="Kate Hewson">Carla Gugino</Actor>
      <Actor role="Sheriff Pope">Terrence Howard</Actor>
      <Actor role="Schwester Pam">Melissa Leo</Actor>
      <Actor role="Theresa Burke">Shannyn Sossamon</Actor>
      <Actor role="Beverly">Juliette Lewis</Actor>
      <Actor role="Ben Burke">Charlie Tahan</Actor>
      <Producer>Ron French</Producer>
      <Actor role="Adam Hassler">Tim Griffin</Actor>
      <Director>Zal Batmanglij</Director>
      <Writer>Chad Hodge</Writer>
    <category lang="de">Serial</category>
    <keyword lang="de">Serial</keyword>
<category lang="de">Serie</category>
<category lang="de">Mysteryserie</category>

<keyword lang="de">Serie</keyword>
<keyword lang="de">Mysteryserie</keyword>


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Re: XMLTV-Grabber: series marked as movie in EPG

Postby MHC2000 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:12 pm

I think I've found the problem by myself. In xmltv_categorymap.xml ist 'Mystery' a keyword for the Movie category.
So this seems to be the root cause of the wrong matching.

Importing the same data without 'Mystery' in the categories section, the grabber recognizes the episodes not as a movie ==> WMC series recording is working again.

Probably it would be a good idea to remove the 'Mystery' keyword from the categorymap for Movie category by default.
Doesn't seem to be a obvious match for a movie.
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