Vu+ Duo2 VTi 13.0.2 not working

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Vu+ Duo2 VTi 13.0.2 not working

Postby stonie » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:29 pm


I have a Vu+ Duo2 box with a VTi 13.0.2 Image installed. On my Synology 218+ is running DVBLink Dreambox with follow setup.

IP Adresse:
HTTP Port: 80
Streaming Port: 8001
Login: root
Passwort: ****
Image Typ: Generic Enigma 2

When I start a stream directly to the duo2 box over port 8001 ( everything is fine. But if i start a stream over DVBLink Dreambox ( ... ding=false) the screen is black.
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