EPG Sources not working

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EPG Sources not working

Postby NRJMons » Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:24 pm

Dear All,

I just installed the trial of DVBLink for IPTV 6.0.0 on my Synology 1511+ and the configuration went fine: I can see channels, record and stream them. GOOD
I tried configuring the EPG Sources and nothing works.

I tried to add a source with the URL provided by my IPTV provider, which is a link to an epg.xml.gz file, I set the type to AUTO, GZ - both FAILED => I mean I can't assign EPG to channels as the column on the right is empty and both dropboxes too.
I tried ungzing the file to an URL on my server, and added that URL to the sources as XML file => nothing happens either

I must concede that the file is pretty big (160MB).

I SSHed to my Synology, and checked the directory where it is supposed to store the XMLTV file, the directory contains just a readme file.
I copied my XML file to that directory as the readme indicated => NOTHING HAPPENS, it's now 1 hour later and it seems it doesn't work

Can you please help me?


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