IPTV: rtsp_reader::OpenConnection() - Describe() failed

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IPTV: rtsp_reader::OpenConnection() - Describe() failed

Postby mattes13 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:50 pm

Hello guys,
I have a strange problem. Since sometime my channels stopped working one after another. I first realized that some recordings from some channels that I sparely use for live tv only had a few bytes (and therefore no relevant content and especially not 2h of video).
I didn't care much at first as my favorite channels were still working. However, now I have to realize that these channels don't work either.
However, VLC can play these channels without any problems.
I am using German cable TV (Unity Media NRW) and a FritzBox Cable as my IPTV provider.
The logfile says a lot like
Code: Select all
2017-Jul-10 20:13:39:   [E] *** IPTV: rtsp_reader::Describe(). Error send request
2017-Jul-10 20:13:39:   [E] *** IPTV: rtsp_reader::OpenConnection() - Describe() failed
2017-Jul-10 20:13:39:   [E] *** IPTV: Cannot create stream_reader

I will attach my logfile.
Has anybode seen something like this before? Hopefully, as right now, I'm paying for something that is useless.
Best regards,
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