HOWTO: HDHomeRun Prime tuners

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HOWTO: HDHomeRun Prime tuners

Postby avdp » Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:00 pm


- HDHomeRun prime IP address (must be a static IP address)
- a simple web server (i.e. included on a Synology NAS, dropbox, etc)

Step 0: review your channel listing on the HDHomeRun Prime

The prime has a webpage where you can view settings, and channel listings.

- in a web browser, navigate to the IP address of the prime. i.e.
- note the channel numbers, and channel names you wish to add to DVBLink.

Step 1: create a mu3 file with all channels you wish to expose to DVBLink

note 1: This is by far the most tedious part of the setup. I recommend only adding 2 or 3 channels for testing, before investing a lot of time in creating a more complete file.
note 2: There may be programs out there that will generate a m3u file for you, I chose to do manually.
note 3: the duration=7200 in the link below is a value I picked. It represents the max length of the recording in seconds

- Open notepad (or any other plain text editor of choice)
- The first line of the file must be:
Code: Select all

- Repeat the following 2 line block for each channel you want to include
Code: Select all

- Save the file as prime.m3u (the name doesn't matter, the extension does)

A complete m3u file example with 4 channels is below.

Code: Select all

Step 2: publish your m3u file on a webserver

There are many ways to do this, it depends on what is available to you. A few examples:
- if you have a synology NAS, there is a built-in web server. Save the prime.m3u file on the "web" folder. Once you do, test it with http://diskstation/prime.m3u
- dropbox allows you to upload a file and share it. It will generate a URL for it, just change dl=0 to dl=1.
For example, this is mine:

Step 3: install and configure the "DVBLink for IPTV" source

- From the DVBLink product page, install "DVBLink for IPTV" source. You'll have to activate it, either do a trial first, or purchase a license
- on the TV source tab, add a source under the IPTV section. Screenshot below shows my setup with the 3 tuners for the prime (more on that later)
Capture1.PNG (75.7 KiB) Viewed 22066 times

- The wizard will ask you to name it, give it whatever name you want (I kept the default of "IPTV-1")
- Select "remote" for the location of your playlist, put in your web address from step 2, the click the arrow. The number of channels will be shown
Capture2.PNG (39.15 KiB) Viewed 22066 times

- Click "Save"

The HDHomerun has 3 tuners. The URL inside the m3u file will automatically select a free tuner, there is no need to specify which tuner to use. For DVBLink to know there are 3 tuners, you need to add 2 additional sources.

- on the TV source tab, add a source under the IPTV section.
- when prompted, give it a name (i.e. IPTV-2), and let DVBLink use the same settings as IPTV-1. Click OK.
- repeat the previous 2 steps once more to create a third source (i.e. IPTV-3)
Capture3.PNG (16.49 KiB) Viewed 22066 times

Step 4: map your channel to the EPG
From the channel tab, follow the normal steps of selecting channels and mapping them to EPG provider.

I hope this help. Happy to answer further questions.
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Re: HOWTO: HDHomeRun Prime tuners

Postby pluto30306 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:29 pm

Thanks AVDP - are you using a cablecard for your subscribe channels? and is that working via DVBLink for IPTV? If so, I will be ording the HDHomeRun Prime for my comcast subscription with a cablecard.

My hope is to have DVBlink run my OTA and Comcast subscription, run those streams to WMC7 as my backend DVR and Menu guide via DVBLink. Then stream those live TV and recorded TV to my 4 TVs/PC and Tabletsthat run Kodi via SeverWMC plugin.

I don't want to use the WMC as my front end and backend system, since WMC will place DRM on my WTV files that I record, then I wont be ble to stream those recordings to my Kodi devices or TVs.

Your advise and direction will be most helpful.
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Re: HOWTO: HDHomeRun Prime tuners

Postby avdp » Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:36 am

Yes, I used it with my cablecard with Verizon FIOS. It works great for any channels that don't have the copy-once flag set (only HBO on Fios).
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Re: HOWTO: HDHomeRun Prime tuners

Postby pluto30306 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:28 am

Thanks. I got it to work with Comcast and I also have HBO marked as DRM file and can't use that file/recording with my other devices...but all other channels come in without any DRM flags.

Works good for me. Thanks for sharing your setup.
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Re: HOWTO: HDHomeRun Prime tuners

Postby vaju0503 » Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:27 pm

So I have this working on my setup now. But I have a few questions about the tuning...

So I see that you have to setup 3 sources for the 3 tuners and that's fine, however I was curious about what if other devices are using the hdhomerun and all 3 tuners are used at the moment? Does it stop the other devices from using one of the tuners?

Also was curious about how recording conflicts work. In Windows Media Center if I had a series set to record and all the tuners are being used it would reschedule that show to be recorded at a later time. Does the server know that when I have a series set to record and it misses recording it due to a conflict will it reschedule it to be recorded at a later date? Or do I need to make sure that when using this I only have 3 or less recordings going at once?

I guess the end all would be to just buy another prime and have 6 tuners assuming I could do all 6 with it, as it's not too likely I'll be needing to use 6 tuners.
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