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DVBLink v5.1 beta 1

PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:14 pm
by Oberon
DVBLink TV product suite v5.1 for Synology, Netgear, Asustor and Windows platforms NAS is released for public beta!

What is new / fixed:

General / DVBLink Connect Server
(all) Added: New tab for timers/schedules in web interface
(all) Fixed: stability of the transcoded HLS stream (forced baseline h264 profile)
(win) Fixed: System does not wake up for timer recording (log has "Unable to schedule wakeup timer" messages)
(all) Fixed: Incorrect series name for search pattern schedules
(all) Fixed: Double/triple recordings bug and impossible to delete invalid recordings
(all) Fixed: Incorrect PMT change propagation through the system
(win) Fixed: Live TV playback does not start in web interface when mc_recorder is used

DVBLink TVSource
(syn) Added: Support for "avoton" x86_64 Synology platform (DS415+ NAS)
(syn) Added: Compatibility with the DSM5.1
(all) Added: Support for CI control in DD Octopus.NET network tuner
(syn) Added: Support for Synology ARM Comcerto platform (DS414j NAS)
(nas, linux) Fixed: Stuttering playback of multiple sat2ip streams
(all) Fixed: sat2ip scan skips transponders

DVBLink for IPTV
(nas, linux) Fixed: Corrupt multiple streams of udp/rtp type using the same port (T-Entertain and the others)

Although these are substantial changes and fixes, they alone would not be enough to bump even the minor version number. There are also a lot of underlying changes within the components themselves in preparation to the launch of our new type of products - DVBLink TV Advisers. These products are not available yet in this beta and cannot be installed from the DVBLink Package Center (although they are listed there). Please have patience - it is really cool stuff and we will get to them very soon.

Coming of the DVBLink TV Advisers also means that DVBLink EPG Loaders for Digiguide and will discontinued from v5.1 onward. Their functionality is completely covered by the new DVBLink TV Adviser. The current owners of the DVBLink EPG Loaders for Digiguide and will still be able to download v5.1 (and later versions) of the loaders from their account in the DVBLink license portal. We will continue supporting these loaders for one year from the v5.1 release.
For this beta the download links for these two loaders will temporarily be provided in the another forum link.

Update procedure

DVBLink v5.1 is an update for existing v5.0 users, which means that it is free of charge for them and can be applied without uninstalling the existing version. It is highly recommended to make a backup of the DVBLink installation before installing a new version.
For v4 users the same upgrade rules apply as for the currently available DVBLink v5.0.

Those updating to v5.1 must update all their products to that version (e.g. it is impossible to run a mix of DVBLink v5.0 and v5.1 products).


The installation and configuration manuals can be as usual found at our Wiki:

Please let us know how v5.1 works for you!
DVBLogic team