Please help us to help you! <-- Read this first

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Please help us to help you! <-- Read this first

Postby Oberon » Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:32 am

To help us analyze your issue we need as much as possible information from you about it.

It is recommended that to follow these steps:
- Check our Wiki ( if your question is already answered there
- Browse/search this forum. It is very likely that someone already had the issue in the past and found the solution.
- If both previous steps did not answer your question, post your issue on this forum in the appropriate section.
- When posting the issue/question, please include the following information:
Please do not write "I also have this issue" without including any supporting information. Usually every issue is at least a little bit different and every bit of information will help to analyze it

We read all issues/questions/topics that are posted on this forum. However reply times may vary. The obvious/easy issues and questions are answered usually very fast. Those requiring analyses or those that are not obvious may be answered later or sometimes even not answered at all if we do not have any appropriate reply for you.

Thank you.
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