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Sat Server/Kodi freezing / crashing issues

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:04 am
by bulldognz
Hi all, I am running everything to receive my Sat TV on one PC running windows 10.

Win 10
Intel i5, 16gb, onboard graphics
Omnikey 3021
TBS 6904 DVBS/ S2 Quad Tuner

DVBLink TVSource latest version 6.0.0 14499
OSCam r11279 for Windows
Kodi latest version for Windows

Now generally speaking this setup works really well although I'm having regular random crashes of the system freezing making an awful audio buzzing/ screaching noise with obvious graphical crash as well. Only fix is to hit the reset button. It appears to only crash when using Kodi but it will be random while we're doing nothing other than watching tv.

My next step is to try running Kodi on a separate box to see if it's a problem with kodi running on the same box although seems like this would be a regular problem people would have?