What's The Crack? How Do We Get Support For This Product?

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What's The Crack? How Do We Get Support For This Product?

Postby mbc0 » Tue May 15, 2012 9:49 pm

I along with other users have paid for this product and get zero support for our problems. If you cannot support this paid for product then at least can you tell us instead of advertising (in your words) "TV that's always with you!" and "Get the program information you want - Microsoft EPG (Electronic Program Guide) information, EPG from the stream, your favorite xmltv listings or Digiguide TV listings" (I have had along with others NO EPG at all!!! rendering this product almost useless) and of course not forgetting "If you have a technical question about our products-please visit our Forum and post your question there. Our Forum contains huge knowledge base about solutions to most common problems, workarounds, compatible hardware etc. You will be helped there by DVBLogic developers as well as other DVBLink users.

Please just let me and other users that have spent our hard earned cash with you what the deal is.... support or no support. I am sorry if this has come across too strong but I am fed up, I think this is a great product but I cannot use the EPG and I posted my problem back in March to receive a grand total of 0 responses (yet over 180 reads!)
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