2 x USB DVB-T2 Tuners, can't watch two streams at once.

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2 x USB DVB-T2 Tuners, can't watch two streams at once.

Postby nicolae » Sun Dec 17, 2017 1:55 am


I have DVBLink server 6.0.0 installed on a ubuntu linux and 2 DVBLink Viewer apps, one on a MacOS high sierra and one on a Windows 10 pro.

I have two usb tunners, PCTV 292e and TV Butler.

I am scanning for FreeView unencrypted DVB-T2 channels in Romania, both tuners find the same 9 channels with the same name etc, and both display them well, including EPG over EIT when running alone or being masters.

The issue is that whenever i play a channel on PC, it stopes the stream on Mac and vice versa.

I tried both the master slave approach and the standalone both tuners, but i never seem to be able to play more than one stream at a time via DVBLink Viewer.

However, when i am using the iOS app or the web interface on port 8100 with firefox, i can view another channel even if i only enable one of the tuners and while i watch some other channel on PC or MAC (if somebody can explain)

What i am trying to achieve with this two supported and functional usb tuners, is to be able to play 2 channels simultaneous or watch one channel and record another with the DVBLink Viewer apps.

Am i using the right clients? Can DVBLink Server play more than one channel on a tuner? Does it play one channel per tuner? Can it stream two channel from two separate tuners at the same time?

Thank you.
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Re: 2 x USB DVB-T2 Tuners, can't watch two streams at once.

Postby the_man » Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:46 pm

Please write to the info@dvblogic.com, there you will get an answer.
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