3 strange problems- EPG, Weak Signal, Disk Full

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3 strange problems- EPG, Weak Signal, Disk Full

Postby realbigmike » Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:26 pm

I have 2 PC's, the SERVER is win7 64bit with MC7 as the CLIENT. SERVER only does my recordings in MC7.
My CLIENT PC is Win 8.1 with MC8 and I use it for watching TV. I posted the problems together as a group in case they are related to each other.

Problem 1 and 2:
The CLIENT EPG works fine but when I watch TV or try to record, after a random amount of time, I get an error. Either "Weak Signal" or "Disk is Full". Sometimes changing the channel works, sometimes I have to open MC8 again, rarely I have to reboot. I reinstalled DVBlink but the problem did not change. I saw someone had a similar issue in 2013 and it was a networking problem, but I am not sure that would explain my problem since I also get the "Disk is Full" error randomly. One of these errors happens every 20 to 200 minutes. I have the CLIENT PC setup as the default recorder.

Problem 3:
The SERVER PC uses both EPG Collector and MC7 EPG to feed both PC. The SERVER MC7 lost most of its EPG data so I reset MC7 using the command line, deleted the database files, and setup the tv signal again. This helped a bit but still more than half of the channels had no EPG, only on the SERVER MC7. I tried the squlite database reset and it helped a bit but it seems I have to manually tell MC7 to update its EPG download and also I have to use the DVBlink Extra widget to Sync the channels every couple of days. I cannot find some shows when I use the MC7 search feature, even when I can see that show listed in the EPG and I can manually record it.
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