EPG Navigation Slow

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EPG Navigation Slow

Postby MCE_DVB » Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:15 pm

Hi All,

I have a raspberry Pi2 running OpenELEC on stable 7.0.1 on a fresh install. I have activated and set up the built in DVBLink plugin and have PVR set up. Roughly 250 channels. All works – but some small issues that I would like to iron out.

On boot channels take around 3 minutes to load into the guide. I can live with this. No drama. I have set to use just 1 day ect. So as to minimize lag etc. the issues is when I load epg, it’s sluggish. Doing a ‘page down’ or a scroll down channel by channel is either slow or even completely freezes and then comes back a few moments later. It is not at all smooth. This is on full screen epg or otherwise – if epg is available – it’s sluggish.

Also if I select to play a channel or even load epg shortly after boot when epg has just started loading then often things freeze. Reboot required.

If the Pi2 has been sat for say 9 hours and then it is used, despite everything working and being responsive – PVR will often not work and activiating epg or tv playback just freezes the system – and a reboot is required.

I appreciate reboots on the Pi2 are very quick – but the above three issues are issues that are a pain. If I load the Pi2, wait patiently for a few minutes then watch channels all is fine bar the slow guide response, the actual playback etc is great no stutter or issues at all there.

So why am I getting the above issues and how do I go about debugging them?

I run DVBLink Server 5.5.0 build 12340 and TV Source 5.5.0 build 12217. I use XMLTV plugin to handle epg that is collated using EPG Centre.

Is the Pi2 just not powerful enough? Just seems odd that it works great on the playback but struggles with a simple epg interface etc?
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Re: EPG Navigation Slow

Postby the_man » Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:56 pm

There was an issue with the EPG downloading. It should be solved in the V6.x of the dvblink server and one of latest PVR.
Also, it could be due to a too many channels selected.
The Normal usage, i guess, about 100 channels.
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