NAS doesn't hibernate when mounted under raspberry

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NAS doesn't hibernate when mounted under raspberry

Postby encarta1973 » Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:16 pm


I have the DVBLink TV Server installed on a RasPI which is working just fine. For recording within the network I have my NAS mounted as a share which is also working just fine. BUT: since mounting the NAS as a share, the NAS doesn't hibernate any longer. As soon as I switch off the rasPI, NAS is back on track and hibernating regularly. I do not need to disconnect any device, swiching-off is sufficient for having NAS hibernating.

My setup is
- Raspberry PI 2 Mod. B
-> with Openelec/Kodi (both latest versions)
-> with DVBLink Server, incl. TV Source and TV Adviser (all version 5.1.0 / build 11069)
- NAS D-Link DNS-323

Does anybody have an idea what to do? Is probably the TV server checking for share availibility frequently?

Thanks in advance
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