Migrating to new NAS

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Migrating to new NAS

Postby Charles R » Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:32 pm

I understand the license allows me to move from one (QNAP) NAS to another (QNAP) NAS and I have a question regarding the process. Not the licensing rather the installation itself.

QNAP supports migrating my HS-210 drive to a TS-453 Pro by simply installing the existing drive in the new NAS. It apparently updates the OS and I'm good to go. They do mention I might have to re-install some or all Apps. In this case I would by going from a ARM to X86 chip. Would I need to uninstall the Apps ahead of time and do a re-install? If so, would my recordings be accessible (I'm sure they are) so I could copy them to another location... or would they simply be found. Any answers, suggestions, thoughts are appreciated.
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Re: Migrating to new NAS

Postby the_man » Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:25 am

As far as i know the new server must see your records, but for that, i recommend you do next steps:
- make a copy of the entire contents DVBLink directory in the Public share folder at your NAS (there is path in Synology NAS: /volume1/@appstore/DVBLinkServer/share )
- then do uninstall ARM version of dvblink server and install x86 version
- stop dvblink server
- replace dlrecoredr.db with old one(which was copied from .../DVBLinkServer/share/database )
- copy the entirely folder RecordedTV to the newly created one
- start dvblink server
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