"Tuning Failed"

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"Tuning Failed"

Postby SmartyMarty » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:40 pm


DVBLink has stopped working on my NAS. When clicking on a channel (to view it) in "TV and Media Library" I *sometimes* get the "Channel is not available because..." screen (i.e. tuner source is not available or otherwise occupied) in VLC but most of the time it doesn't even get as far as launching launch VLC.

Going into DVBLink setup and clicking on the sources tab, it lists the device (a 292e stick), but doing a channel scan gives me "tuning failed" on all transponders.

My system is a ReadyNAS 104, running 6.7.5 and DVBLink Server 12350 and DVBLink Source 14508. I'm running version 5.5.0, but I tried upgrading to the trial version of 6.0.0 with the same results.

Interestingly, if I stop the DVBLink app, and reboot, the blue light on the 292e stick comes on, but as soon as I launch the app it goes off and stays off.

I've tried plugging the stick into my Windows PC and running the PCTV software that came with the stick - and that all works fine - so it's not the stick hardware.

Any ideas?
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