Very high CPU usage when TimeForTV is enabled

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Very high CPU usage when TimeForTV is enabled

Postby DK1864dizzy » Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:05 pm


Lately ( started 27th Dec.) i have very high CPU usages when Timefor.TV plugin is enabled from DVBLINK setup. 40-50% cpu usages. and that is if medicenter is not running. This have never been an issue before. i can see that there are up to 16 entries pr second in the server logfile mostly with the same line " [E] [E] CDLTSEPGServiceList::AddSection. Invalid last table id (96)" The logfile is now over 17mb in size, so the attached file have been edited. Logfile is for the last 2½ days.

Memory usages is also odd, when looking in task manager memory usage on dvblink_server.exe flucuate rapidly between 112 to 423MB

One thing thou, and im not sure it have anything to do with anything, but around same time the issue started i have installed the DVBLink Pvr Add-on for XBMC by "zeroniak" ver. 1.6.1. And i am not sure if the issue started before or after this install.

Im running Win7 X64
DVB-C Terratech H7 (USB)
DVB-C TechnoTrend CT-3650 (USB)
All channels are free (no CI used)

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Re: Very high CPU usage when TimeForTV is enabled

Postby Oberon » Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:09 pm

It is not TimeFor.TV source. It is background EIT scanner that produces this kind of errors when EIT packets are malformed.
If you are not using EPG from the stream, you can safely disable EIT scanner and CPU load issue will go away.
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