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Auto try next tuner on no signal/no decoding

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:45 am
by gabk
i have a server with multiple [12 tuners] installed.
i also have 8 of those with the same channel line-up and 8 plug-ins [softcam] decoding the channels.
Sometimes one of the plugins have an expired account or cannot connect to the internet service decoding the channels.
Some other time, one tuner might have it's cable disconnected by mistake.
DVBLINK when tuned to a channel always starts with tuner A if no tuner is in use, then B then C. If there is a problem with the plug-in or account of tuner A, no one can watch TV, since DVBLINK will always try to get the channel from that tuner, and with no signal or no descrambling, it will stop [or the user will stop since the TV has a black screen] and the next user will have the same problem.
If DVBLINK tries tuner B, then C.... when A has no signal or cannot be descrambled, the problem would be resolved.
Thank you oberon for a wonderful software!