auto-solve recoding conflicts

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auto-solve recoding conflicts

Postby julianimnorden » Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:30 pm

...could be possible!

When a conflict is detected then the scheduler should help to solve the problem.
It should look for repeatings of the show on it's own channel (maybe at night) OR on another sisterchannel.

For this, the channelmanager must know the channelfamily:

When recording on channel "ITV" fails but the same show will be repeated on "ITV +1", then ask the user if it should edit the times and channels.

Another example:
A recording on ProSieben get's in conflict with another recording BUT the software find's the repating two days later at 3:30h in the early morning - the software should ask to adjust the times again.

Last example:
I'm watching a channel live. The timer get's closer but I don't want to stop watching the live program - there should be an option on screen to find an alternate recording time.

This would help me very much, because I'm recording a lot and when two timers get's in conflict on it's own (series recordings) it's very annoying to solve the problem manually.

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