Display Of Radiotext-Data And Station-Name

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Display Of Radiotext-Data And Station-Name

Postby thesoundman » Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:43 pm

Here is a request for the mobile clients (I have Android):

when you listen to a radio station via satellite or another source the display of the tablet is black, but on (MX player says H/W+ decoder).

It would be very good, if there could be displayed the station name of the radio station and the radiotext-data, whick is contained in the DVB-S stream.

Top of the Top would be a graphical display of the radiostation (logo) loaded from the internet and implemented in the DVB-S stream by the NAS. :-)

I'm askig for that because I use my tablet as a tv set in combination with my WiFi-radio, and the quality of the internetstreams is not very good (128lBps internet vs. 320 kBps DVB-S). The WiFi radios have nowadays coloured OLED dislpays, so that this feature would equalize this manko.

Server: DSM 214+ (Armada XP) with 2x 4TB WD Red @ RAID 1
Tuner: DigiBit R1 Sat->IP []
WLAN: Fritz!Box 7490 [6.50] + Fritz!Repeater 1750E [6.32]
Client(s): Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 [5.0] 3.X; SGS3 [4.3] 2.2.0
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Re: Display Of Radiotext-Data And Station-Name

Postby TeHaX » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:49 am

Old post but how do i get radiotext from DVB-S2 Stream? I only get radiostation name and nothing more!
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