Skipping in recorded files not working

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Skipping in recorded files not working

Postby FredMunich » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:46 pm

Hi all,
I run a DVBLink Server (v 6.0.0, build 14499) on a Synology DS214play. Working well, with one usability issue: skipping in recorded files (.ts files) is not working. Or: it's not working reliably. When I watch a recording on (Samsung) TV via DVBLink DLNA server and want to skip within the recording (e.g. skip advertising, or wind forward to where I stopped watching last time), then the skipping time changes, typically from about 15-10sec down to 0. Meaning:
1st skip brings me forward 10 sec
2nd skip brings me forward 9 sec
8th skip brings me forward 1 sec
... and sooner or later trying to skip will essentially halt the playback (each skip going to the same position), or even skip backwards. Then what typically helps is to let the playback continue normally for a minute or two, and then try to skip forward again. Which can work then, or not. This is happening on two different TV sets, but both Samsung.

I am wondering if this is an issue of the TV, or of the DVBLink server... does the TV say "skip", and the server does it (in which case this would be an issue of the server), or does the TV say "skip to position X", and the server does that (in which case this would be an issue of the TV). Who knows the DLNA protocol well enough? ;-)

My personal suspicion is that this has to do with the big file sizes of .ts files, and some "wraparound" math (32 bit overrun???), but I have no clue about DLNA...

Anyone has a similar issue, or - even better - a fix for it?

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