Strong video flickering using OctopusNet

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Strong video flickering using OctopusNet

Postby guustflater » Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:29 pm

Dear DVBLink,
due to the frequent problems I experienced with a TBS 5980 USB-tuner attached to a Synology NAS, I recently bought a DigitalDevices Octopus Net S2 SAT-IP tuner.

The installation of the Octopus went really smooth and without any issues. However, the problems began as soon as I wanted to watch a channel with my new setup. The video stream is simply unusable due to frequent digital glitches in the signal. At first, I checked whether the signal of the Octopus itself is blurred. This is not the case : by using the VLC player and choosing the TV channels directly in the Octopus software, there is no problem at all. The issues start when using DVBLink. The next thing I tried was installing DVBLink on a Windows PC, as I wanted to check if the Synology NAS contributes to the problem or not. Unfortunately, the same problem occurs on the PC.
The log file is stuffed with this kind of message :

[W] sat2ip_streamer::reception_thread_func. missed packets: 40249, 40247

An HD-video stream is even more affected as a SD stream. Changing transcoding options does not change anything. I am currently using a CI-Module (Mediaguard) in the Octopus, which works well.

These are the specs of the complete setup:
Synology DS 713+, running DSM 6.1.3 – 15152 Update 8
DVBLink Server 6.0.0 Build 14499, DVBLink TVSource 6.0.0 Build 14197
Any help is highly appreciated!
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Re: Strong video flickering using OctopusNet

Postby guustflater » Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:48 pm

Thanks to the excellent customer support of Digital Devices (, I was able to find out the cause of my problems. Analysing the datastream from the transponder, Digital Devices could confirm that the CAM (Conditional Access Module) was the cause of the bad reception. Interesting to know : even if FTA channels are being streamed, DVBLink sends the data through the CI-module of the DD Octopus Net. And since my CAM was too slow or faulty, this led to problems. DD advised to buy another CAM which now runs smoothly after a firmware-update of the CAM. So case closed!
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