importing EPG data

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importing EPG data

Postby a.appel » Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:14 pm

I got an independent EPG grabber, doing a fantastic job... Getting EPG data for 2 weeks. And although I got the data by hand (via Putty) in my DVBLinkServer, I would like to know how the process within DVBLink is going...

Lets say, I got a file with xmltv data: /var/grabber/.xmltv/data.xml
How do I get that in DVBLinkServer?

Within the tab "Sources", subtab "EPG source", you can define XMLTV sources and settings. The default map for xmltv files is "/var/packages/DVBLinkServer/target/share/xmltv". Below that is the xmltv grabber configuration. My independent grabber runs once a day (or night I should say) and creates a new "/var/grabber/.xmltv/data.xml". Do I:
1. Copy the data.xml file to the DVBLinkServer xmltv directory, /var/packages/DVBLinkServer/target/share/xmltv?
2. Do I get the grabber to dump his data into the /var/packages/DVBLinkServer/target/share/xmltv directory? I found out that new added TV channels that were downloaded by the grabber were not visable after a new grabber run...
3. Do I set the directory where my xmltv file is located as an URL: "/var/grabber/.xmltv"?
4. Do I set the file, with the xmltv data, as a URL: "/var/grabber/.xmltv/data.xml"?

How does the DVBLinkServer EPG data retreval process look like?
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Re: importing EPG data

Postby the_man » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:30 am

Your new files should be stored at the /var/packages/DVBLinkServer/target/share/xmltv/
And old files should be removed, then dvblink will make an update of all available xmltv file and import EPG data from them. By default it happens every 12 hours.
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Re: importing EPG data

Postby seuretl » Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:24 pm

You could program a scheduled task on your synology like this:
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rm /var/packages/DVBLinkServer/target/share/xmltv/EPGdata.xml
curl -k http://[webpage...] -o /var/packages/DVBLinkServer/target/share/xmltv/EPGdata.xml

This should be enough: first, delete old files, then get the latest one from the website.
Do a test run with logging active, and go see the result where you choose to store the logs (the syno app "text editor" does perfectly the job).
I had the problem that some website ( uses a https protocol, with a certificate issued from, which is apparently not accepted.
Perhaps this is the cause why the xmltv plugin is not downloading any contents...

I suspect it is an issue for Synology (add a certificate as trusted ?)

Hope this helps,
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