Channel Change Time (HD Channels)

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Channel Change Time (HD Channels)

Postby RobinM » Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:41 pm

I am wondering what kind of channel change times are achieved with people using the Kodi PVR addon.

I am using a hdhomerun expand network tuner, dvblink server running on a i7-3770 computer. Changing hd channels takes 4-5 seconds. Same speeds when testing DVBLink viewer. All clients in my network show same channel switch speed.

Is this decent? For me it feels okish, 2-3 seconds would be perfect in my opinion. I get 2-3 second switch time when I use the application provided by hdhomerun.

Is there any way to improve the speed of the initial buffering?

Looking forward to your replies.

EDIT: I notice when I make a channel change, it takes 2 seconds before its starts buffering. Not sure if this means anything. But when its starts buffering it takes like 3 seconds before video starts, which seems normal. If have seen a video on youtube where it would immediately start buffering upon channel change.
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