Add-on couldn't be loaded

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Add-on couldn't be loaded

Postby AndyHenderson » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:31 am

I'm not sure exactly when, but at some point over the last month or so, I started seeing a message saying an unspecified add-in can't be loaded. That's followed by a message that Kodi is scanning for PVR services and - eventually - another message saying that the PVR manager has been enabled without any enabled PVR add-in. If I go to the add-in list, the DVBLink PVR add-in is disabled and has to be enabled again.

I use two PCs to run Kodi: a HTPC which has the tuners and DVBlink server; and a laptop. I see the message only on the laptop and only when the server is not running (I send it to sleep when I'm not using it). The problem doesn't happen every time, however.

I often run Kodi on the laptop to play music stored locally and don't care that the HTPC is not running.

I attach two Kodi logs that demonstrate the issue. It looks like the add-in has started returning an error that tells Kodi it is 'unusable' - or that Kodi has changed its interpretation of the return.

I see the same error in Kodi 16.1 (DVBLink PVR client 2.1.7) and Kodi 17 beta 1 (DVBLink PVR client 3.3.4) - both running under Windows 10 (anniversary edition).

Note that the error is the same in both cases, but the presentation is different. In Kodi 16.1, the message appears almost immediately. In Kodi 17, there's a (timeout?) delay after which the message "Could not connect to DVBLink Server '' on port '8100' with username ''" (correct details) appears in the log but not on screen. I can't say for certain, however, that I never see a timeout delay from Kodi 16.1.

Let me know if I can provide more info,

Logs from Kodi 16 and 17
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