Kodi 17 - DVBLink crash loop after timer entry

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Kodi 17 - DVBLink crash loop after timer entry

Postby OliR » Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:43 pm


a have trouble with KODI V17 Beta 1 (and also with nigthly builds after B1).

After a timer in the PVR the KODI V17 B1 (also with the Act. Nigthly tested) in a deadlock crash (KODI crashes hard) to send and that can no longer get away.

What did I do:

KODI and DVBLink PVR ran as far as pretty neat.
The test I wanted to test a timer with search term, therefore I have created (nothing better occurred to me as a "TV Garden") then the selected channel a timer me and leave the rest.
Then saved it. And Chase KODI crashed when saving from (crash).
KODI then rebooted - kodi, operates on, but while reading the PVR Timerdaten, KODI crashes immediately at 50%. The game I made then a few times - no change (even after a reboot of the PC).
So I thought in the DVBLink which "remove scheduled recording". Actually, KODI had planned two shows to record (14 days EPG). I've removed both of DVBLink (Web interface). There are now even no record more. KODI rebooted - same effect.

While I can't the addon disable or otherwise perform an action, I have uninstalled KODI and reinstalled the B1-> same effect.
Then I installed a Nigthly test-> same effect.
Therefore KODI again completely uninstalled now with removal of USERDATAs (KODI directory were gone really)
KODI launches newly installed-> KODI and as far as OK.
Then again DVBLink PVR addon set and again complete immediately after saving - Crash. Also after KODI restart again the Crashloop.
To test it again, I deleted now just file the "setting" in the USERDATA to the DVBLink addon.
KODI starts only once again brings although error message, that the settings for the DVBLink addon could not be read, but otherwise OK.
Now, I could disable DVBLink addon. As soon as I activate it but again, the Crahsloop we go again.

Since I am newbie and now don't know where I should look for an error, I need help.
I assume that somehow the DVBLink still some rest of my furnished timer indoors is but where?
On the other hand, can and should but KODI not simply due to a Timereintrages, even if it was flawed not hard crash.

If it is important at this point, I might add also the crash with.

The Crashlog is attached.

The Crashlog Show the state after I Setup the addon und click on "activate". After I do that, KODI crashed.

Before I added the timer rule, the DVBLInk addon works very fine!
KODI Crash Log (DMP)
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Re: Kodi 17 - DVBLink crash loop after timer entry

Postby charettepa » Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:43 pm

I am having the same issue
looks like your ticket was created first
adding a link to mine so additional details can be found

as soon as there are more standard/series recording timers than search based the issue is gone


lets hope that dvblink team responds soon
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