Improvement for stability for Kodi PVR to DVBLink server

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Improvement for stability for Kodi PVR to DVBLink server

Postby GuiltyNL » Thu May 26, 2016 11:14 am

Hi DVBLogic guys,

I'm using Kodi 16.1 with your PVR client for some weeks now, coming from Mediaportal. And I think it need some improvement.

I was configuring the TV Server while my Kodi client was streaming live TV. When I entered the configuration mode for the tuner that was streaming I received the warning that streams and recordings will be stopped. I agreed and proceeded.

The Live-TV stream in Kodi didn't stop, but it froze. I needed to kill the Kodi client after 5 minutes of waiting to get it working again.

I think this needs some improvement.

The same behaviour occurs when I restart the DVBLink Server service while a Kodi client is running. Sometimes it even gives issues without Live TV being active at that moment.

In Mediaportal I was able to stop the TV server without any issues. When I did that the Live-TV just stopped normally and I was able to continue using Mediaportal.

For the rest: keep up the good work!
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