Kodi 17 Addon - debug log messages

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Kodi 17 Addon - debug log messages

Postby Caesium » Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:26 am

Hi :)

I'm currently testing Kodi 17 with the DVBLink plugin (3.1.0 right now, waiting for OSMC to pull in 3.1.1 but it looks like quite a minor change) and I notice the debug log is absolutely full of:

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04:25:40 3663.742676 T:1540092912  NOTICE: CDVDMessageQueue::GetLevel() - can't determine level

When playing LiveTV. Are these a problem? I'm actually trying to diagnose why the Kodi UI doesn't seem to popup when I pause when playing LiveTV, just wondering if thats related at all.
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