Kodi which Codec works at MacOS

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Kodi which Codec works at MacOS

Postby Xandy » Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:16 pm


my question, to whom I didn´t found any answers needs a short explanation.

I am using a Synology NAS (DS415play), a TeviI S660 and a PCTV 461e.

Recording and showing the video files works perfectly in Windows 10 (dualboot - bootcamp at the Laptop) by using Kodi 15.2. But I also want to use Kodi it on Mac OS at the same MacBook Pro. On this platform some videos work (if they are recorded with the Tevii - Sat Receiver, disconnected the other receiver), if the video is recorded with the PCTV 461e the screen stays green, the sound is o.k.

Has anyone an idea about this behavior in Mac OS using Kodi and what to do?

Thanks a lot.

Synology DS415play, PCTV461e + Tevii S660, Mac OS X, Windows 7 + 10 or Ubuntu 14.04, iPhone 4S and iPad 4
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