Punching Channel Number Up is fine Down has fault

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Punching Channel Number Up is fine Down has fault

Postby razzandy » Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:27 pm

Hi Guys

Just Updated my OpenElec RPI2 to Latest DVBLink Client thinking it would sort the freezing and channel down problem but its not.

My problems are often while looking into the future on the EPG, the EPG can freeze and momentarily freezes the TV in the background, after some time the EPG jumps to a position where current live TV is positioned. Its seems to be a problem when the EPG updates the timeline position.

Next problem is when the guide is up and you input a channel number which is less than the current channel number it always jumps all the way back to channel one the first channel on the guide. I have to input the channel again to get to it. Its OK going up in numbers but down always reverts to the first channel in the guide.

And I just remembered another issue: Sometimes when I get the EPG up its not in the position of the current live channel so I have to page up and down to find which channel is live.

Any plans for a fix on these issue?

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Re: Punching Channel Number Up is fine Down has fault

Postby the_man » Thu Nov 19, 2015 8:29 am

There is really an issue with switching channels (at least the one scenario is reproduceable, - switching from SD to HD or vice versa, with disabled transcoding )
As for PVR, the latest one is 1.10.9, available with Openelec 6.0 (Kodi15.2)
There is another thread where we were discussed similar issues:
Some of them have been added in todo list.
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