Changing Chanel Stops Playback

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Changing Chanel Stops Playback

Postby slsaunders » Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:44 pm

Changing channel with Yatse Android remote PVR menu on my Raspberry Pi2 with Kodi 14.1 results in all playback stopping and being returned to previous scrren I was on before watching TV. This also happens when the channels are on the same MUX.
This doesnt happen using the Kodi GUI and it didnt happen using Yatse and TVHeadend.

Raspberry Pi2 @950mhz Force Turbo (Stable)
Openelec 5.0.3
RTL2838UHIDIR recieving DVB-T from The Wrekin
DVBLink Server 5.1.0 11069
DVBLink TVSource 5.1.0 (Free Trial)
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