Problems With DVBLink 5.0 and DM8000

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Problems With DVBLink 5.0 and DM8000

Postby chriszapf » Thu Jul 10, 2014 6:03 pm

:x Hi,

I am using a DVBLINK 5.0 on QNAP TS-469L with a Dreambox DM8000 OE 2.0 as well as a DM7020HD OE 2.0. Streaming with the DM7020HD works fine, but with the DM8000 streaming does not work and I get the following error in the log:

2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] Direct http stream request: client_id 7a9c95f1-83ae-4c19-32e9-91d682965934, channel 10080000, impersonated client id 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] NON transcoder request came in
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] broker::change_channel(): sink: 6c6c90f4-bef5-4099-b69f-071242c823e6, log channel: 10080000, client id: 7a9c95f1-83ae-4c19-32e9-91d682965934
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] channel_manager::change_channel(): sink: 6c6c90f4-bef5-4099-b69f-071242c823e6, channel: 10080000
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] stream_manager::remove_stream_for_sink. Remove stream request for sink 6c6c90f4-bef5-4099-b69f-071242c823e6
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] stream_manager::add_stream. New stream request: channel 10080000, sink 6c6c90f4-bef5-4099-b69f-071242c823e6, sink prio 0
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] CEnigma2Handler::GetStreamingURL. Received m3u file from DBox: #EXTM3U

2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] CDBoxResponseParser::GetStreamURLFromM3U. Successfully parsed address (, port (8001) and url (/1:0:1:6DCA:44D:1:C00000:0:0:0:) from m3u file
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] CDBoxStreamHandler::StreamingThread. Streaming thread is started
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] CDBoxStreamHandler::StreamingThread. Pre-buffering the incoming stream
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] stream_manager::add_stream_to_source. Successfully added a new stream for channel 10080000, sink 6c6c90f4-bef5-4099-b69f-071242c823e6 to source 291d9695-9c1c-4d13-9088-87786f08d104
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] channel_manager::change_channel(): sink: 6c6c90f4-bef5-4099-b69f-071242c823e6, ...end
2014-Jul-10 18:24:16: [I] http_provider::send_thread_func: adding http client
2014-Jul-10 18:24:33: [I] source_control_container::playback_get_objects: root request
2014-Jul-10 18:24:34: [E] http_provider: http write error

Any ideas?

Thanks, Chris
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Re: Problems With DVBLink 5.0 and DM8000

Postby Oberon » Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:37 pm

Is your dreambox producing stream when you type ... 0000:0:0:0: in your browser?
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