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DvbLogic and SAT

Postby bernd_ » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:33 pm

Hello Community,

i do own a Synology Diskstation, a Smart TV on Room1 and another old Scart TV in Room2.
Sat antenna is installed and has 4 LNB Connectors. 1 cable is to the smart tv, one to
https://www.amazon.de/Vantage-VT-70-dig ... B01HDPGJ8G
and from there scart to the the old scart tv..
smart tv is working, old scart not yet.. thats the first problem.

second, what product and hardware will i need to record a film on my NAS DS213+ ?
what product / hardware is needed to stream from the nas to clients like handy's or laptop, tablet etc?

i did read in doing google search about the possibility to get sat ip via a piece hardware near sat antenna and connect one cable? to that hardware and get ethernet signal on other side, correct?
how to go on then, and what would be the advantage or disatvantage of that way? i did read sth like only one client to time..?

what would be the layout of the cabeling for the cases?
would be nice to get some help.
thx in advance!
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Re: DvbLogic and SAT

Postby the_man » Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:37 pm

Please write to the info@dvblogic.com, there you will get a full answer with recommendations of what HW and SF you do need.
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