Problem using two http stream at once

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Problem using two http stream at once

Postby danhelp007 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:25 am


Suddenly i'm not able to tune two channels at once.

If i'm trying to open two http streams at the same time,
the first stream open just fine, but stop again at the same time i open the second stream.
It has worked before, streaming two http streams - one from each Tuners.
But,,, If I open one http stream and a other directly from DVBPlayer it working :-/

Normaly setup is MediaPortal, but i tryid VLC as well, and the same problem happens.
(DVBlink 6, main + tv source) - newest version

Notes: Both stream is not using same username in m3u string...

Have tryid uninstalling, with no luck
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