Can DVBlink populate TV channels using EPGCollector?

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Can DVBlink populate TV channels using EPGCollector?

Postby Benoire » Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:09 am


I've come from MediaPortal with the Sky plugin which allows it to scan all Sky channels and add to the system; it uses the plugin rather than the inbuilt channel scanning. The plugins are unfortunately getting quite old in the tooth and the code uses a fixed point of decode for the Sky EPG streams so it doesn't quite get the channel numbers or titles/content sometimes.

I'm looking at alternatives and recall that DVBlink allowed you to use EPGcollector to grab the EPG data rather than its inbuilt system which would work well with encrypted sky epgs. My question relates to whether DVBlink allows programes like EPGCollector to also define the channels to be stored, effectively using EPGcollector to scan and store the channels, numbers and programmes instead of the built in channel scanning.

This would allow me to setup EPGcollector to run on a 1 day window and pick up when Sky brings pop up channels for times like the holidays etc. any thoughts on this are appreciated.

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