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Recording hevc/dvbt2

Postby docbi » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:24 am

Hi everyone,

I'm using dvblink on my DS 2013+ and two TVButlers providing the free German DVBT2 channels to my network. -Works fine in HD!

Recently I tried some recording and this works very god, too. - The TV shows can be watched using KODI on Smart TV, Mobiles and PC - very good.

Next step was to import the *.ts- files into an authoring- or mastering software to get them on DVD oder cut the commercials off.

And this won't work. Even though my authoring tools say they're able to import HEVC-coded material, they won't. Some of them throw "unknown exeptions", some import the files but say there's no video data included. They just provide the audio tracks.

Are there known issues about the *.ts files provided by dvblink? Do they have a special format or so? Do I need additional codecs to modify the files??

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