Poor streaming quality, Samsung GX S2

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Poor streaming quality, Samsung GX S2

Postby kabull » Thu May 24, 2012 6:38 pm

I have been experimenting with wireless clients for a while now, without success. Specifically I am trying to stream IPTV channels to my Samsung Galaxy S2/android phone. Everything connects up fine, and I am able to start wathcing chanels, but as soon playback starts I get really poor quality with lots of pixelation and buffering. It so bad that it prevents med from watching Tv in an acceptable manner on my phone.

Running DVBlink on an Iphone 4S or Ipad, I do not get these problems either on LAN og WAN. Using my Samsung with a good quality mobile connection also provides much better results than networking. I have done speedtesting on my samsung/WLAN and it provides more than enough bandwidth for several devices (14Mbps down and even better up).

I have even tried to hard reset the phone, but no change. Update OS etc. Just poor pictures, hangups, and stopping of tv playback, regardless of scaling factor settings.

Since apple products work well, I wonder if anyone else have had similar experiences with this Samsung/android combo?

I have not been able to test the same setup with another(or identical) android phone unfortunately.

Other Windows 7 MC clients on my LAN works well both on wired and wireless conection.

What settings can I try to change? I have left most settings at default.
Have seens some discussions regarding streaming protocols. Relevant here?

Thanks in advance.
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