Choosing recorder on the fly ?

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Choosing recorder on the fly ?

Postby Mika56 » Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:39 pm


I'm currently developing a personal UI. I'd like to add TV in it. I currently own a Connect!/TVSource licence, so I can technically do it.
However, my "default recorder" computer is not always online, and not the one for which I develop the UI. Launching a TV channel results in a launch of the default recorder... while the computer I'm running on has Media Center and DVBLink client !

Isn't it possible to set the recorder on the fly ? Or add a feature to DVBLink that could look for any available recorder ?
I saw that it is possible to use server as a recorder, but my hardware specs doesn't allow me to do it (I'm not even sure if I could stream SD, so I don't imagine what it would look like for HD...)

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