Unable to uninstalli DVB Network Client

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Unable to uninstalli DVB Network Client

Postby henningh » Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:46 am


I have a Problem with uninstalling the 4.0 Network Client tellin me hat there is a 2x or 3x version allreary installed.

I had installed the 4.0 Version and had some trouble with video. To fix it, I thought that installing the network client again would help. But I installed the 3.0 version of the client instaed which I didnt notice right away. After a week the tv guide didnt work anymore and I went looking for the problem. (my video problem was solved through a lan driver update by the way)

I found the 2 versions and uninstalled the 3x client but that didnt solve the tv guide. After that I wanted to uninstall and reinstall the 4x version. But now I get the notife that an older version is installes allraedy.

Can you help?


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