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kodi & dvblink for iptv

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:20 pm
by nico75

I use kodi and dvblink pvr plugins. both are installed on the same computer.

what is the good method to schedule a recording ? from kodi interface or from dvblink interface ?

also, I load my channel frm an m3u files where I named the channel with a number prefix (0001_channel, 0002_channel, ...) this garanty that kodi and dvblink display channel in my "prefered order" instead on a alphabetic channel name order
this is OK on dvblink interface for channel favorites, logos, channel setting and epg
the problem is that when using dvblink tools, when I try to schedule a programm, there are no more ordered, this is even not channel name order, it is just "noorder" that is random
also, using a web browser (connecting to dvblink via 39876 port number), is it not possible to select the channel, the listbox does not open

do I miss something ? or those probleme are bugs ?