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Re: Stream not responding

Postby ntilagoa » Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:00 pm

Koen Zomers wrote:The suggestion they gave me is to disable timeshifting in the DVBLink PVR Client properties. Haven't run it long enough yet myself after that suggestion to be able to tell if that solves the issue, but its worth trying for you guys as well. Too many variables changed as well on my side in the past half year to be able to say it's DVBLogic to blame. Changed from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, updated drivers, installed patches, used new Kodi versions and so on.

No, is the same thing with or without timeshift.
Actually I run Kodi on Nvidia shield tv but before I used windows on a media pc and if my memory do not trick me the problem also occurred on windows.
I am client of dvblink since version 3 and I already pay a lot of money, for different versions and different sources, so is not that cheap....... and the minimum they can do is listen to their clients and try to keep them happy....
This product is a good product but ignore the clients when they have problems.... and do not fix the errors on a product that you pay for.. is bad politic.
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Re: Stream not responding

Postby Koen Zomers » Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:37 pm

Pity. So not much hope that it will fix it for me then too by switching off timeshifting.

I've also used it since version 3. Reasoned from our side and compared to alternatives like a free Team Media Portal or options from the cable providers directly I understand why you say it's a lot of money we've paid. Reasoning as a developer myself from business perspective, again keeping in mind that they serve a niche market only, it's nothing. Try keeping your company running on selling maybe 100 euro perpetual licenses for over 5 years or so. Do the math how many licenses you would need to sell to make sure you can pay the salary of 1 person only for a year.

Back from the customer perspective, yes it sucks to ignore this problem as it's major and a resolution or workaround seems so extremely easy to implement. Something indeed like if 0 bytes sent for > 1 minute, kill stream would help us all tremendously already. Or even a manual disconnect button in the web UI. Best thing you can do is make yourself heard by e-mailing their support. Forums like these they can ignore, support tickets they must reply to.
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Re: Stream not responding

Postby Agrevo » Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:23 pm

Sad to see this is still not fixed :oops: would have been a nice Christmas present.
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