DVBLink for IPTV and t-home entertain

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DVBLink for IPTV and t-home entertain

Postby sky-nemo » Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:01 am

Good day everyone,
Can someone tell me if I can also receive private channels (RTL, SAT1 ...) from IPTV "t-home entertain, germany" with the DVBLink software?

I have a Home Server "Synology DS212j (DSM 5.1)" with "DVBLink Server (5.0.0)" and "DVBLink for IPTV (5.0.0)" installed.
Also I have IPTV "T-Home Entertain" by the German Telekom and as router a "Fritzbox 7360 (fritz-OS 6.0)".

The DVBLink software works on the NAS but
I can only receive public broadcasters (ARD, ZDF, etc.), but I should althoug receive private channels (RTL, SAT1, etc).
Interestingly, the Fritz box (with OS 6.0) serve all channels, including the private channels, without the Reciver of the Telekom,
so that you can watch all channels on all devices by using the vlc-player.
Now I wonder why I can not receive private channels via the software "DVBLink for IPTV."
Am I in the DVBLink software menu: "TV Source" -> "Selecting Playlist" -> "Local" -> "t-home entertain, germany"
so I only get a playlist of public service broadcasters.

Can I fix it through another assigned playlist manually?
Or I can make a playlist that uses the Fritzbox (http://download.avm.de/tv/1/m3u/) somehow for the DVBLink software available?
Or can the DVBLink software basically do not receive the private stations of the German Telekom?
If so, I wonder, what the purchase of the software has brought me then.

Through helpful tips I would be very happy. I hope that anyone reading here. :)

Best Reguards

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Re: DVBLink for IPTV and t-home entertain

Postby the_man » Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:17 am

You can create your own M3U file and place it at /DVBLink/playlists
http://dvblogic.com/wiki/index.php/DVBL ... ion_manual

Also i urge you update your server and all installed packages
http://dvblogic.com/en/news/78-new-dvbl ... 2-support/
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