Connect Server Setup question

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Connect Server Setup question

Postby Jacko » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:34 pm

I am currently experimenting with IPTV and Connect Server.

Currently I have installed IPTV and Connect Server on my Windows 7 MCE. But the IPTV stream is fed by a powerplug which doens't provide enough troughput for more then 2 signals.
So I need another solution :

Place an extra Windows 7 machine (P4 with 1 GB memory) with 3 network connection, 1 for IPTV, 1 internal network and 1 dedicated Internet conenction.

This machine will serve a connect server for my Win 7 MCE and as client for android/Apple.

Will this work and is the Windows 7 P4 powerfull enough to perform this task.
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