IPTV work, VOip Dont when IPTV is on - HELP

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IPTV work, VOip Dont when IPTV is on - HELP

Postby aagv » Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:19 am

Hi all,

I have ran into a problem, regarding VOIP and the use of DVBLink for IPTV.

let me start by stating that the IPTV are working like a charm, but when im on my phone the VOIP and are watching TV the same time, i cant hear what the other person says and the other person cant hear me, all we get are some robotic/static noice like there are not enough bandwidt avalible.

SO if ill stop the TV stream then all are good on the Phone.

This problem was not there when i was using the version 3 in trial mode, of DVBlink but started when i installede the V4.

So im asking if anyone have any idea on what to do, as i have ran out off ideas.

My setup is.

1. Quad core Server with the main install of dvblink
2. using 3 network packs and only the one in my living room are used dayli
3. all using windows 7
4. Using a Cisco/linksys 4200N router and a Netgear blue switch.
5. My bandwith are 60/60 so should not be an issue that there are not enough availible.

Had my provider for the VOip on the phone and they could not give any help as all in there system were ok and the phone works when no TV where running.

The phone i have used SIP port 5060, 5065 and 5070 with the same result, and in my router i have disabled SIP ALG.

If any of you have just the slightets idea im all open :D

Thanks in advance
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